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WWF Themes – Triple H My Time (with lyrics)

This is the original triple h theme. This is not the remix. Please Comment And Enjoy!!! ——————————————————————–FREE OFFICIAL WWE MERCHANDISE!!! Sign up here… mywwesearch.swagbucks.com How it Works: 1. Sign up, completely free (credit cards will never be required). 2. Search: “Get results from Google and Ask.com.” 3. Earn “Swag Bucks are periodically awarded.” 4. Redeem “Redeem Swag Bucks for exclusive prizes, including: gift cards, CD’s, video games, game systems, guitars, posters, …” You get 3 swag bucks just for signing up, and with eight you can already redeem a gift card, you’ll probably receive a free prize on the same day of your registration! Swag Codes- are codes that give you points if you enter them onto your account before they expire. Often times they’ll be on the front page daily blog, the site’s facebook page, in the newsletter, etc. *No credit card required* *No surveys* *No offers* You get prizes for searching the internet like you normally do! You do it anyway, why not get rewarded for it? Sign up now to get started. The sooner the better. Have fun searching and redeeming your prizes! Sign up Here – mywwesearch.swagbucks.com —————————————————————————- 1…2…Is this on? (Ha) Yo Jimmy hit me with that Triple H Yeah, you let the music keep playin Mr. Dumb… Gotta tell me who’s time it is now…Ya’ll kickin it up in here It’s our time…Yo, here comes trouble

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Gerry April 27, 2016 at 11:07 am

I love reading these articles because they’re short but inrvematiof.


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