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Why Stock Options Trading?

Stock Options Trading has been popular for a while now, but since the development of binary options trading at anyoption™, stock options trading is at a new level. The three main differences between traditional stock options trading and with us is that you can begin trading with a smaller investment, less knowledge of the stock market is required and you cannot change the expiry time of your asset after you buy your stock option.

Many traders prefer this way of stock options trading, as they feel that there are less risks involved. Investors that are attracted to stock options trading often choose anyoption™, because they can make high returns, even in a bearish (falling) market. This is one of the key characteristics of stock options trading with us.

Calls in Stock Options Trading?

At anyoption™, you can either employ a Call or a Put during your stock options trading experience. You would employ a Call on you option if you believe that the underlying asset, such as Microsoft, will be higher at the predetermined expiry time. Stock options trading with us is unique, as there are numerous stocks to choose from. For example, Coca Cola, Nike Inc, Check Point and Apple.

If you happen to place a $100 Call on Coca Cola, and if it expires above the strike price (price at which you bought the option), then it is in-the-money. Thus you would receive $170, a profit of 70%. Therefore, stock options trading at anyoption™ is similar to forex options trading, indices options trading and commodities options trading.
Puts in Stock Options Trading?
If you decide to employ a Put during your stock options trading experience, then you are intending that your chosen asset, such as British Petroleum, will finish trading lower than the strike price at the expiry time. Please note that stock options trading encompasses much skill, as you have to select the asset, expiry time (end-of-hour, end-of-day, end-of-week or end-of-month) and the expected direction that you expect the stock option to move.

Trade Binary Options & Make Real Money!

Learn the avantages of Binary Options Trading over Traditional Options & how Binary Options can PROFIT for you! Binary Options – also known as Fixed Return Options or Digital Options – have become very popular in recent years. Trading Binary Options on our anyoption™ Binary Options Trading Platform is a novel and interesting method of investing in the financial markets. Trade Binary Options now, if you want to take advantage of the straightforward and flexible way of trading on our Binary Options Trading Platform.

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