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Why Failure Analysis Is Needed In A Fire Investigation

Fire on a residential or commercial property is devastating. Afterward, investigators are called to the location to determine the cause of the fire. And in cases where electrical or mechanical problems were found to have caused the fire, a failure analysis is done. This analysis is important because it enables investigators to identify exactly what caused the electrical or mechanical failure, resulting to the fire; faulty wiring, incorrect installation, manufacturer defects, etc. This is helpful so property owners and insurance companies can determine the next steps they have to take. This analysis is also an essential part of filing a lawsuit against the company who manufactured or installed the faulty electrical wiring around the property. So it goes without saying that you should find the right company to do the analysis.

One of the first things you can do to choose the right investigators is learn what it is they do. This is so you can choose the right teams that can evaluate the fire in your home and in the process help you determine what your next steps ought to be. During a fire investigation, investigators literally walk through the scene of the fire and search for evidence that leads to the possible causes of fire. Should they find sufficient evidence that the fire was caused by faulty wiring or mechanical failure, the investigators will then move on to investigating the property’s electrical and mechanical systems, the companies that manufactured and installed the wiring in your property and more. The investigators will also try to find out what parts of the electrical wiring failed, why it failed and what you ought to do next as a property owner.

And there are a few things you must look for in the fire investigators you hire. First, look for experience. They need to have a lot of experience working cases so you can be certain they know what to do. If you want to hire online service providers, work with reputable websites such as that of EFI Global. This is so you can be sure that you will end up hiring the services of the best investigators available. In order to be certain about the quality of the evaluations you will receive from them, you have to be sure that you are going to work with fire investigators that have background working as mechanical, structural or civil engineers or at least studied to be one. Make sure to study all the options available before hiring an investigative team.

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