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What Are Mortgage Home Loans And Equity Home Loans?

Mortgages loans can be a confusing topic even for the financially literate and the government’s attempts to clarify matters sometimes does more harm than good. One way to start deciphering the code is by enlisting the help of a mortgage professional, but it pays to know something of the basics from the beginning. The difference between a mortgage home loans and mortgage equity loans is fundamental. First, though, they share the key similarity of being secured loans, which means that both rely on a borrower’s home as collateral for making the loan. A mortgage loan, however, is the kind of loan that is used to purchase a home. It can be a first mortgage, meaning that there is no other financing on the home, or it can be a second mortgage that is obtained when the home is purchased, meaning that there is also a first mortgage being made at the same time. After purchasing the home, a homeowner can decide to do a home loan refinance, arranging for new financing that replaces the existing mortgage or mortgages. This option can make sense, for example, when interest rates have fallen and the mortgage refinance results in lower monthly payments.

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