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Welcome to New Libya under NATO

NATO just vanquished a tin horn dictator in an oil rich country called Libya. Excuse me, US just liberated a whole new country from the clutches of Moammer Gaddafi’s rule. This seems remarkable isn’t it? Overthrowing a regime that was in place for 42 years and then chasing it’s dictator through the alleys of Tripoli and into open desert into nowhere. Gaddafi remains at large and a practical threat to peace.

Map of Libya

President Obama shelled out $1 billion dollars from US taxpayers into this military adventure. He successfully put together a NATO coalition to get rid of a man who bombed PAN AM flight over Lockerbie some 25 years ago. Even though Libya and Gaddafi compensated the West in the tune of $2 billion dollars as a negotiated settlement, the sentiment of revenge was still left unchecked. Obama had to do it. He would have to excel George Bush in that respect. Taking out bad guys and specially those who kill American citizens is his forte. So he blasted away at Libya with 200 cruise missiles and 6 months later after a relentless and often brutal air campaign Gaddafi’s grip on power slipped.

The NATO alliance on the ground was an unknown group and band of Libyan opposition. Emboldened and equipped and trained by NATO they quickly ran into Tripoli and chased the dictator out of there. That cost just about $1 billion dollars to the US taxpayers through September. Noble cause, noble deed from a Noble Laureate President.

As the regime fell and water dried up, all kinds of creatures floated to the surface. Among them as was the man who bombed PAN AM flight , Abdel Al Megrahi who was released from a Scottish jail two years ago, due to a cancer diagnosis. He received a hero’s welcome under Gaddafi. The man supposedly is in his last days on earth, as we know.

Libya’s new power brokers the Rebels now have denied any extradition of this man to the West. They immediately denied they would extradite Al Megrahi to the US or UK for that matter, because Al Megrahi belongs to a tribe, a tribe valuable in piecing up post Gaddafi Libya. It’s an important Tribe, important enough to the Rebels. National Transition Council Minister Mohammed al- Alagi said ” Extradition is what Gaddafi did” and added ” We will not give any Libyan citizen to the West”. That was the curt response.

This is coming from those Rebels who have just stepped into the shoes of Gaddafi backed by our guns and butter and air power. We knew Libyan Rebels were an unknown group of people and there was no viable political connections with them, but getting this message right away from people who should have been thankful to the West is a disturbing signal. Whats more these Rebels now want US aid to rebuild their country and unfreeze billions in Libyan assets held in US.

There were lots of people who at the time of Libyan war objected for a good reason not to get involved with rebels and unknown groups and invade Libya. Their loyalty to the West was questionable and their sentiment was opportunisticĀ  to the extent of replacing their enemy, and Gaddafi’s rule. But since The West is thirsty for Libya’s Oil riches and crude oil, this policy matter was simply over-looked. We have a situation we don’t know how it will unfold at the moment. Would these people co-operate with the West? Or they turn against us ? No one knows for sure. This is a shaky undertaking.

To make matters worse, the Libyan involvement has clearly cost a lot to the US and rocked the fragile US economic recovery through higher oil prices and uncertainty.The anemic growth has effectively, but stalled in its tracks. Consumer pessimism is on the rise and consumer confidence just hit 2 year low.


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