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Unemployment: Many Jobs and Careers are Never Coming Back

I was reading some very grim news in the Los Angeles Times this morning. Many jobs and careers are simply never coming back. The unemployment situation is likely to remain ugly long into the distant future (also read, “permanently”).

We seem to be so used to expecting the economy to turn around. Why, it’s doing just that on Wall Street. Big whup. That doesn’t help us much, now does it?! We still can’t get loans from the trillions we taxpayers have bailed-out the banks with. We gave them the ultimate sacrifice, and all they give us is the cold shoulder. Thanks for nothing.

So, what in the heck can we possibly do? That’s thee question these days if ever there was one. You have only one choice, it seems to me: you have got to find a business of your own. You can’t hold out hope when there is none. Folks just like you and me are applying for work at hundreds of places, just to get shot down.
Hopelessness appears to be the word for our times.

So, if you can’t find work, you must consider creating some. You’ve always wanted to be your own boss. Why not do just that? You’ve got a computer. Use it to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Find a business you can become a part of for free (yes, for free), and take it to the moon.

We all got the ultra-short end of the stick. We’ve been duped and drug through the mud to save the souls of the most arrogant and greedy bad guys on the planet. Take your anger, fear, disappointment and disgust and turn it into profit. Use all that negative energy to the good. Make it work for you, not against you. Get out there and make it happen in spite of all the factors working against you. That’s what I’m doing.

Grant “Brad” Gerver is an entrepreneur and co-owner of Filibi.com: Quite simply the most generous business and highest-paying affiliate program online: free auction listings and free classified ads. No cost to join and earn. EMPLOY YOURSELF! “gbgerver” is also a performing blues artist-songwriter with The Buzzard Brothers and on YouTube. He is a retired elementary teacher who works in mental health care.

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