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Tips For Mastering Your Fantastic iPhone Faster

Many people today own an iPhone. The iPhone has become a staple and benchmark in technology these days; however, mastering it isn’t quick. If you are in iPhone discovery mode, then read on. Become an expert shortly by using the tips below.

You do not have to be concerned about losing an iPhone anymore. The integrated map and gps function allow you to use your wireless service to pinpoint where you are, and where you are going. This app is helpful to get to a new place, or just to get back home.

Lower your iPhone’s brightness to save your battery. The brightness level can be lowered from the iPhone’s settings area. This will lengthen the time that the battery is powered between charges.

Excellent ideas for your iPhone 4, check out this post. While in the Safari browser, you can simply make a phone call with one tap. You may be looking for a dry cleaner that is nearby. This instantly transfers you to your your phone section, where the call will be made. All you have to do to place a call is to tap the number displayed in the browser window.

Are you completely overwhelmed by constant notifications received on your iPhone? You can easily turn them off. Start by selecting Settings and then selecting the notifications bar. Check “In Notification Center” to identify apps that are not currently of use. This will not only cut down on the amount of notifications you receive, but will help your battery to last much longer.

You can take a photo using your headphone cord. Begin by bringing the subject to be filmed into view. Simply push the volume button on the headphone cord. You have now taken a photo using your headphone cord. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

As you visit websites, try using one finger for scrolling purposes. After that, see how two fingers works for you. If you are browsing a page that is divided up into boxes, you only have to scroll with one finger between the boxes. You can quickly scroll down the entire page by using two fingers.

There is no need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempts to correct a word. Instead, you can simply tap anywhere on your phone’s screen. This will close the suggestion box for you, which is a much faster method.

In case you got your iPhone brand-new, it is a great thing to get an iPhone insurance coverage. Accidental damage can happen in an instant, so it is a great plan to have an iPhone insurance for proper protection.

One great iPhone insurance websites in the United Kingdom is iphoneinsurancecover.co.uk that give complete insurance but you must take action right away while it’s still new, otherwise they’re not going to ensure it. Take note this if you are planning to shield your iPhone. We just love the iPhone and these strategies are just great, specifically if you love to utilize your iPhone a lot.

When you are typing a message or email and don’t want to use your phone’s suggestions, you don’t have to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. You can eliminate the box by simply tapping at any spot on the screen.

Are there umlauted or accented letters you wish to include in your messages? This is actually quite simple to accomplish. Simply press and hold on the letter you wish to change. Expect a box to open, containing added options. Now you can have more fun with your lettering.

As the above article has stated, iPhones have tons of built-in features that make it more than just a device to talk on. However, there are still tons of things your iPhone is capable of that you may not know about. Use the advice this article has provided you with to make great use of your iPhone.

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