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The Social Good of Employment Background Checks

It is not too easy to get promoted nowadays, or to get a job for that matter. Most industries nowadays get so many applicants that you really have to worry about competing with the others. Employers, especially of the major businesses, make several stops to make sure they are hiring or promoting only the best and most reliable individuals.

They do their best to discover every relevant piece of info on you prior to approving your application. Their concern is that they pick only those who are likely to be good assets to the company. Hence the practice of checking up on the references and past of applicants.

This is legal and acceptable practice, and in fact required by law for some job positions. It is extremely important to screen individuals who wish to become nurses, policemen, pilots, detectives, teachers, and hold other jobs that put the lives of several people at risk. Some professions are simply so delicate that you cannot afford to let those with dubous characters occupy them.

There are several reasons why companies need to conduct background checks. Most of the reasons involve the employer’s protection, but in some cases, they also protect the rights and welfare of the employee. The first reason that benefits an employer is to avoid being sued by customers for employing the wrong people.

Today’s clients have a lot of power. Mistreatments can become fuel for a legal fire with them. Employment background checks could guarantee that only the best people are hired so that customers and clients are always satisfied.

Employers try to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits since they could be costly. A company can also lose a lot of customers just by having a legal problem associated with it. This is why it is necessary to avoid potential liabilities.

There are also jobs where you have to protect minors by doing employee checks. We have a responsibility to ensure that all who interact with minors are worthy of it. One would certainly not risk hiring tutors or teachers without references to assure oneself of their good conduct and professionalism.

Besides kids, we have to think too about people like the senior citizens and infirm. They require our protection in many ways. Background checks are obligatory too for those working with such persons.

All that aside, companies have to do checks whatever the post anyway simply because people can and often do lie on their applications. There are a good number of people who exaggerate the data on their CVs. The company thus has to do some investigation into the applicant’s past.

There are so many competitors in the job opening for every job now. At the very least, Internet tech has rendered the checkup process just a bit easier. This means that it is not uncommon at all to do employment background checks nowadays.

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