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The Greatest DUI Attorneys In Orlando, FL

One argument your lawyer could make is that the results of the breath analyzer test were skewed because of a pre-existing medical problem that you have. A breath analyzer test uses the person’s breath in gauging alcohol concentration. Your lawyer can also reason that the law enforcement officer who conducted a breath analyzer test didn’t comply with protocol.

A third reason that a DUI lawyer can utilize to argue that the results of a breath test are inadmissible is that the arresting officer didn’t truly acquire the subject’s approval before he got the test.

If a law enforcement officer implies that the breath test is necessary or demonstrates that the arrested people will face harder charges if he or she refuses to accept it, this may be a due process violation and a judge may opt to leave out the evidence at trial.

If the police officer says that the breath test is compulsory or states that the driver will have heavier penalties should he or she decline, it could be a violation of due process and the court may not include it as an evidence during trial.

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