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Debt default

S&P downgrades with a knock out punch to the US

S&P downgraded US Treasury debt from AAA to AA delivering a knockout punch to the groin. Weeks of political wrangling and bickering among members of Congress over Debt deal has taken its toll. The markets are taking it much better than expected as this is the first time in history US debt has been downgraded, […]

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Market’s mini crash 2011

The economic anxiety drove the DOW¬† down 512 point. This was a mini crash of 2011. People are comparing this to 2008 and let me tell you its nothing like 2008. I have been through 2008 and it was something else. The Dow used to swing 800 to 900 point in single event and there […]

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Debt ceiling deal both sides unhappy.

Debt ceiling deal both sides unhappy. So there is a debt ceiling deal in Congress possibly averting a nuclear fallout on financial markets and the world markets to be precise. What could have happened is just limited by your imagination. The debt ceiling compromise has pleased only a handful of people. Harry Reid, Sen majority […]

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