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Requirements For Hearing Lose Compensation

Developing oneself to be a top lawyer is hard work. Nothing comes easy. The golf pro has to take his daily turn on the practice green. The opera star sings scales every day. Solid achievement is the result of years of study, application and self development.

The employer-insured’s safety engineer, if there is one, can be of great help in supplying accurate data as to the noise exposure. If this is not available, arrangements may have to be made with a recognized laboratory to work up a scientific record of the amount of exposure present.

From a claim investigation and claim supervision standpoint, this problem of occupational loss or hearing cases present several questions which will necessitate close cooperation in determining what steps must be taken and what approach must be developed. The problem will not be the same in all cases. Opportunities or perfecting defenses will vary.

The Underwriting Department of the insurance company must be made aware of all such claims. The facilities of the insurance company’s Safety Engineering Department will also have to be arranged for with reference to the firm’s operations, and pre-employment and pre-placement policy. Studies will have to be conducted on the current position of state agencies responsible for administering Workmen’s Compensation, for it seems obvious that revisions in standards for evaluating evidence and adjudicating claims may result from the intensive research on the basic concepts of loss of hearing now underway.

No investigation of a serious compensation case can be considered complete without a careful review of the hospital record, if one exists. The investigator will find that most hospital records are generally uniform in form. They will usually contain: discharge diagnosis, admission sheets, history sheets, preliminary diagnosis and impressions, examination records, progress notes, consultation reports, X-ray reports, operating room records, pathologist’s reports, laboratory tests and results, temperature charts, order sheets, nurses notes.

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