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Prophetic Message About the Economy – New Wave Coming

The Lord spoke to me about something coming in the US economy in the coming months. Get ready. You can listen to the Blog Talk Show online at www.blogtalkradio.com or you can call in and listen by phone (818) 532-9761, or you can download the MP3 of any show after it has ended and listen to it that way. There is also a live chat for chatting online with other listeners during the show which is really fun. The shows are scheduled for 8pm Central Time each Thursday night and go for different lengths of time, depending on how much the Lord has given me to say on that show. On the show page, you can check the Remind Me box for any scheduled shows you want to be reminded of, and Blog Talk will email you about 55 minutes before that show with a link to it to remind you it’s coming on. Wings of Prophecy site: wingsofprophecy.blogspot.com

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