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One Touch Option Trading: weekend investments reap Higher Returns

From after trading hours on Friday to Sunday evening, anyoption members can take advantage of . This feature offers you very worthwhile payouts when the price of an underlying asset “touches” or exceeds a predetermined barrier. This post will explain how you can use One Touch Option Trading and your leisure time on the weekend to diversify your investment portfolio and bulk up your earnings.

The essence of One Touch Option Trading is the power to choose. The trader gets to set the barrier, choose the expiration time and the payout. Like standard binary options, there are only two outcomes here: the barrier is met or exceeded and the trader collects the full payout or the barrier is not touched and the trader loses his investment.

I’ll elaborate more now on what I meant by “worthwhile payouts” above. This is the main benefit of One Touch Option Trading – 200-380% in returns. This is a significant jump from the weekly return range of 60-71%. One unit of One Touch Options is priced at $100 so that beginner traders who do not want to invest high can also take advantage. We offer a special weekend 380% return on underlying assets like the FTSE 100 and 350% returns on the EUR/US currency pair.

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