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Obesity Triggers Osteoarthritis to Develop

Study shows that several risk factors may lead in the progression of osteoarthritis, WebMD website says. Issues associated with hip replacements, such as the Depuy pinnacle, was being Reported by a British surgeon to BBC News .

Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative arthritis which causes inflammation, breakdown, and the eventual loss in the joints, the Medical News reported. The National Health Service reported that about 8.5 million people have this kind of ailment in the United Kingdom, while the Arthritis Foundation in the United States reported around 27 million Americans affected by it, Medical News reports.

It is a chronic disease in which the signs and symptoms slowly deteriorate. There is no known antidote for this ailment. However, available therapies may help with pain and swelling (inflammation), as well as keeping the patient mobile and active. Specialists say that patients who put effort on taking care of their osteoarthritis are more likely to gain control over their symptoms, according to the WebMD.

Also, osteoarthritis may be present in any joint in the body such as the hands, hips, knees, lower back and neck. It has been known to have three kinds of features, namely: a bony developments around the edge of joints, damages cartilage and synovitis, which is a mild inflammation of the tissues around the joints, the WebMD website said.

The possible risk which may contribute in the development of arthritis is an injury for which a joint may have been formerly spoiled because of being overused due to the an injury or surgery. People with rheumatoid arthritis may also have osteoarthritis if the joints of a patient have been seriously broken. When osteoarthritis has developed because of damage or another condition, it is called secondary osteoarthritis. The secondary osteoarthritis’s marks and indications may take more years after the initial joint damage may appear, WebMD website said.

Mayo Clinic website, on the other hand, also says that being overweight may be a contributing factor of osteoarthritis because being overweight increases the stress load across the knees or hips, possibly hastening the breakdown of cartilage; a systemic factor (pertaining to the whole body or a specific body system) may also be involved.

Patients may know that they are experiencing the pain of osteoarthritis when there is joint stiffness first thing in the morning. The WebMD website says that this symptoms exists if in the morning the patient feels that their joint remains painful for more than 30 minutes, is persistent, the pain grows worse when the affected joint is used and that the patient is over 40 to 45 years of age. Osteoarthritis may persuade a patient to have surgery, which is the center of controversy due to the surge in number of complaints and filing of adepuy pinnacle lawsuit .

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