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Medigap Plans Can Get You the Farthest

The federal government introduced Medicare to handle the healthcare expenses of all those that are over the age of 65 plus people with certain medical conditions. It would be nice if there was just one Medicare plan as it could make things simpler, but there are 4 plans you have to choose from and see if you qualify for. The most popular plan is called Part C since it also includes prescriptions in its schedule of benefits. These type of supplemental plans are marketed by private insurers that CMS regulates. If you do decide to sign up for Medicare advantage plans, one thing you will notice is that it encompasses most of Medicare’s Part A and Part B coverage. Plans offered through AARP are known for giving their recipients lots of extra benefits that aren’t related to insurance but other providers are starting to catch on. Not all Part C plans include PDP coverage but it is something that you should expect, and insurance agent can explain it at no cost. The insurer will be the one to handle all claims that are made by you, Medicare doesn’t handle any of it. There a a ton of rules that are set by CMS, every Medigap provider has to follow those rules just to sell a Medicare plan. There are dozens of different types of Advantage plans with every insurer and each will have a different schedule of benefits with different costs, through Medicare Gov you can evaluate your options.

  • Travel insurance in certain countries
  • Extra dental care
  • Access to a private network of gyms

Medicare recipients have got to stay up to date on the reforms that are always taking place since it effects their benefits and how much they have to spend on supplemental coverage. If you don’t have money for Medicare advantage coverage that Medicare has to offer, what are you supposed to do? You can always go for a slightly less expensive Plan A or B but what do you do about the gaps in the coverage? All seniors have these questions because they all want to save money, you pretty much have to buy a Medigap plan if you’re in this type of situation. What’s nice about Medigap is that you get to choose what benefits you’d like to supplement your Original Medicare with. Keep in mind that this type of coverage doesn’t working with Advantage plans and that you have to pick one of them.

You can run a search on Medicare Gov and see which type of Medicare.gov insurance plans are the most affordable in the area that you live in. Remember, these policies cover medicare recipients on an individual basis and if your spouse is interested in one he will have to go and buy one for himself. Take note that if you go for Medicare’s plan C, most details in plans A and B are already included in the coverage. For those with little to no budget, just get one of the Advantage policies that don’t cost any money.

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