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Market Your Legal Practice Effectively

Attorney marketing is regulated and cut-throat, but could be the single most important factor in the success or failure of your legal practice. Here are just a few key concepts to help you get started or to help you rethink your strategies.

But I’m an Attorney, not a Marketer!

So you went to law school with dreams of Law & Order. Others take that leap to learn the law, knowing that reality is not as straightforward and clear-cut; there is no script involved. But have you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagined yourself tackling that unlikely task called Marketing? You should have.

Any business involved in earning profit by providing goods and services, law firms included, should acknowledge that they need to apply marketing principles in order to have more customers or clients.

I have been in the legal profession for years now, and I have also worked on the marketing of other legal practices. My firsthand experience has shown me that currently, most attorney marketing is subpar. Believe me when I say that this could work to your advantage.

Because it means that your marketing does not need to be superb or incredibly expensive in order to garner more clients for your legal practice. I’m going to list some simple tips below, but before I do that, here are a few general thoughts on attorney marketing:

* Do some research first before hiring anybody to market your practice. There are a ton of people and firms out there who profess to be able to bring you amazing marketing results, but very few of them are experienced with attorneys and have achieved amazing results in the past. Ask for proof.

* Stay focused. A lot of people fall prey to the attraction of trying to lure in every possible type of client. That’s not such a good idea. Focus on a particular practice area, and focus on a particular geographic area. In addition, focus on a particular type of marketing (print, online, tv, etc.) and get it right instead of doing every one in a shoddy manner. You will find that you can set your plans into motion more easily, and thus get better results quickly if you have focus.

* Brainstorm with other attorneys. Ask them what has worked for them. You will be surprised to see how much you will learn from them and how easily they will readily give you advice. There are bound to be a lot of similarities between your and other lawyers’ experiences; consider those in your own situation.

There is no magic formula, but I would like to offer a few pointers…

3 Easy Tips for Attorney Marketing

1. Market Online : The Internet has become the most preferred marketing tool of late. Figure out what types of information potential clients are looking for, and then use your website to provide that information. Contact an SEO firm to help you with rankings through search engine optimization in NYC.

2. Go to Events : This is not limited to legal events only. It is a good move to participate in events involving the industry of the clients you want to sign up you?re your practice. Interested in insurance litigation, go to insurance industry events. Play the field, so to speak. Let them know who you are and what you do, and forge connections.

3. Do Pro Bono: Charity goes a long, long way. It’ll give you great experience, and your pro bono clients can occasionally be great referrals for you.

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