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Mapping Out Your Attorney Marketing Strategy

Running your own legal practice could mean you already have strategies in place with respect to the services you render to your clients. In an upcoming trial, you already have a strategic “map” of sorts regarding the tactical moves and the legal tricks and maneuvers you will be pulling to win the case. Similarly, if you are closing deals for your clients, you also have a strategy for how to get the deal done and protect your client’s interest.

Whatever service you are rendering, all the things you do to serve your client’s interests is guided by an overall strategy to get you where you want you and your client to be.

So why should you have a different approach to your attorney marketing strategy?

I was being rhetorical; of course it shouldn’t be any different. If you’re serious about marketing, then you need a strategy that you can stick to. Sure, they may change or be modified, but they will be what your actions will revolve around in order to reach your goal. Let us look closer:

Target – Your law firm marketing strategy needs to have focus. Set your sights on your target and get to know them; do not pick just anyone who needs legal services. You should identify a very particular subset of people who are facing a very particular issue. Every bit of your marketing should then be focused on those people. The more narrowly you define potential clients, the more actual clients you’ll get (and vice versa).

Be Diligent – Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should stick to a marketing strategy even when it is clearly going downhill and losing you money. Make it a point to set aside time to evaluate the state of your marketing so you can revise it accordingly. It is important to always thoroughly follow through on your strategy. The reason why marketing strategies fail is not because the ideas sucked to begin with, but because the implementation and follow-through fell short.

Learn – Many attorneys have the notion that their education and profession automatically makes them experts in marketing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There is a need to continuously tweak your strategy to fit the current circumstances, unless you are working with an experienced marketer, especially with respect to your target client group. In this process, you will realize that for every single thing that works, you would encounter 5 to 10 that don’t. It takes time, but mostly it takes resolve and effort.

Marketing is not for the faint of heart, and getting clients as an attorney is never as simple or straight-forward as you might like. However, the bar is set quite low; all you need is to educate yourself and be persistent so your attorney marketing will achieve the goals you have set at the start.

The key is to actually get going and stick to a plan. You can develop your own plan – you don’t need to have experience to make one – or you can ask for help from others. You can ask other attorneys for their assistance, or you can seek out the services of a marketing firm. Whatever route you choose to take, you must have a plan and you should stick to that plan until you have learned enough to figure out if something is working or not.

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