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Low Interest Credit Cards is a Good Way in Our Daily Life

Once a month, every month, I’ll be providing an update on the “state of the balance transfer” on the first Thursday of the month. With the credit crisis abated and the economy recovering, a lot of credit card companies are resuming their credit card offers, including the once prominent 0% balance transfer. In these monthly posts, I’ll keep you apprised on how the landscape has changed in the last month along with a look at some of the more prominent cards in each category.

When it comes to low interest credit cards, you usually can’t have your cake and eat it too. You either has to choose between a 0% Intro APR Cards, or a card that has no balance transfer fee. Most of the time, cards that offer 0% APRs on balance transfers come with an upfront fee of 3% to 5%, which makes the introductory offer less appealing. There are very few exceptions to this rule, which is why we are so enthused about a new limited time version of the Discover More. It offers 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months, without charging an upfront fee.

In the last month, we’ve seen the introduction of a lot of cards with longer 0% APR periods. We’ve even seen Discover bring in a card with no balance transfer fee, a staple during the housing boom but something that has fallen out of favor as of late. Out of the 245 credit cards we list that have no balance transfer fee, the only other card with no fee and a 0% intro APR, is the Harvard Alumni Association card, which most people can’t get.

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