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Leeds Family Law Solicitors – Settling Family Law Matters Using A Collaborative Approach

Even though the annual rate of divorce across Wales and England appears to be dropping, our Family Solicitors Leeds office knows that in excess of one third of all marriages will still end in divorce proceedings. Regardless of how good the husband and wife’s intentions, a divorce or separation can still be a demanding and emotionally charged process. There can be an assortment of matters which must be sorted out, not to mention arrangements concerning finances and the children which must be made. To help foster a more amicable and efficient divorce process, our Family Solicitors Leeds office, and a number of other solicitors, now provide assistance with the Collaborative Family Law option.

Exactly What Is Collaborative Family Law?
In the traditional divorce process, each partner is going to appoint a solicitor to represent them and try and make certain that they receive a realistic and equitable resolution. A great deal of the conversation between the solicitors is going to be completed by mail or over the telephone. The Collaborative process is different because the husband and wife and their solicitors will in fact meet face to face.

At these face to face sessions, each spouse would have their solicitor at their side, and the intention is to attempt to negotiate a settlement for the divorce, or another type of family problem, without needing to go to court. For some individuals, particularly when the separation and divorce might be quite acrimonious, this might seem rather difficult. However, the thinking behind having your solicitor at hand at all times, is that you’ve got the benefit of legal advice all through these particular negotiations.

So What Does The Collaborative Process Entail?
Whenever you have decided that you’d like to get divorced, or you are eager to work out some other type of Family Law situation, you’ll discuss your options with your solicitor and they may suggest the Collaborative approach as the most suitable way to go forward. Your solicitor will then go over the procedure with you as well as help you plan for the initial meeting with your spouse and their solicitor. Usually, the couple’s solicitors will then arrange the time and agenda for that first discussion.

In this initial meeting, your solicitors are going to emphasise that the Collaborative approach will involve a commitment from the two spouses to try and seek a settlement without needing to go to court. You’ll in fact be asked to sign a official document to accept this obligation. Next, each spouse is able to state the objectives they are looking to achieve through the procedure, and then the agenda is organised for the following and subsequent meetings to try and achieve those objectives and get to a suitable agreement.

How Could Collaborative Family Law Benefit Partners?
One of the greatest benefits of the Collaborative Family Law process is due to the arrangement both spouses make to try and sort out their issues with out going to trial – which should hopefully mean the whole process is a lot quicker. Preventing a prolonged time consuming court case may also mean that the expenses connected with settling your divorce or Family Law problem will probably be minimised too.

Solicitors form our Family Solicitors Leeds office who are associated with this type of procedure are given specific Collaborative Family Law training, and even get together on a regular basis in order to talk about all the difficulties and issues Collaborative Family Law is faced with, in order to help make sure they’re fully-equipped to support partners through this specific process. The meetings which partners are going to participate in may also include different experts (according to the problem being settled), to give additional support meant to move both participants towards a suitable agreement as quickly and smoothly as is possible.

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