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Leeds Family Law Solicitors – Settling Family Law Issues Using A Collaborative Approach

Though the annual rate of divorce throughout Wales and England may be decreasing, our Divorce Solicitors Leeds office is well aware that more than one third of all marital relationships will nonetheless end in divorce proceedings. Regardless of how good the husband and wife’s intentions, a divorce can still be a very traumatic and emotive process. There can be an assortment of matters which have to be sorted out, as well as arrangements regarding financial resources and the kids which have to be made. To help foster a more friendly and productive divorce process, our Divorce Solicitors Leeds office, along with quite a few alternative solicitors, now offer guidance on the Collaborative Family Law option.

What Is Collaborative Family Law?
In the typical divorce process, each partner would get a solicitor to legally represent them as well as try and make sure that they get a realistic and equitable settlement. Much of the communication amongst the solicitors would be accomplished by letter or maybe over the telephone. The Collaborative method is different because the husband and wife and their solicitors actually meet in person.

During these face to face sessions, each partner will have their solicitor with them, and the goal is to try and work out a settlement for the separation and divorce, or any other family issue, without the need to go to court. For certain men and women, particularly if the divorce could be quite acrimonious, this will seem a little challenging. However, the thinking behind having your solicitor on hand at all times, is that you’ll have the benefit of legal counsel all the way through these negotiations.

Precisely What Does The Collaborative Process Involve?
Whenever you’ve decided that you would like to get divorced, or maybe you are eager to work out another Family Law matter, you will explore your choices with your solicitor and they might encourage the Collaborative process as the most effective way to go forward. The solicitor will then review the process with you and help you to get ready for the initial meeting with your husband or wife and their solicitor. In most cases, the solicitors for the two participants are then going to organise the date and agenda for the first meeting.

During this initial meeting, your solicitors will explain that the Collaborative process will involve a commitment from both spouses to try and seek a settlement without needing to go to court. You will in actual fact be asked to sign a document to acknowledge this commitment. After that, each partner will be able to state the objectives they are trying to achieve through the process, and the agenda will be organised for the following and subsequent meetings to try to accomplish all those objectives and therefore get to a suitable agreement.

Exactly How Might Collaborative Family Law Help Wives And Husbands?
One of the biggest benefits associated with the Collaborative Family Law method is a result of the arrangement both spouses make to try and settle their problems without the need for going to trial – which will hopefully mean the process will be much quicker. Avoiding a prolonged drawn out court case may also mean that the expenses associated with resolving your divorce or Family Law issue could be reduced too.

Solicitors form our Family Solicitors Leeds office who are associated with this sort of approach are given special Collaborative Family Law coaching, and even meet together frequently to look at all the challenges and issues Collaborative Family Law is faced with, to help ensure they are fully-equipped to assist husbands and wives through this particular process. The group meetings which husbands and wives will participate in may also include a variety of experts (depending on the problem to be sorted out), to offer more assistance intended to move both individuals to a suitable agreement as quickly and smoothly as is possible.

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