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Latest Firefox Version Falters

THE second biggest open source web browser sent the global Information Technology circuit on a standstill after it crashed a week after its web administrators introduced an upgrade to its system.

Mozilla Corporation, which owns, operates and maintains the Mozilla Firefox web application, was quick to react by introducing a newer system upgrade, which they said would “kill the crash bug” that sent the web haywire.

Mozilla Firefox, which descended from Mozilla Application Suite, sent 25 percent of the Mozilla Firefox-using companies and individuals cramming for connection last week after it crashed.

Interestingly, 24.07 percent of web users around the world are using the Mozilla Firefox application, as per survey administered by web metrics firm “Net Applications”. The biggest chunk of web application users prefers Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

What Went Wrong?

In a press statement, Mozilla Corporation downplayed apprehensions about their browser. They claimed that the crash in the web application is no more than “stability shortfall”. In fact, the revised application upgrade, Mozilla said, did not touch on security vulnerability.

Mozilla developer Joe Drew traced the crash to a bug which he called as 514776. He added that contrary to reports, the entire web application was not affected — just the Firefox 3.5.4 of the Windows Edition.

He admitted though that it was the Mozilla Corporation’s programmers, who “inadvertedly” introduced the crash bugs that crippled the web browser application for a while. The Mozilla executive said that the error must have come from their programmers even as he described each and every component of the web browse development system check as secure. He claimed that it is password protected and firewalled at that.

He however said that “everything’s okay now”.

Tracing Back the Roots

Not too many of us know Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross. They were the bright minds that called shots for the Firefox experimental project under the auspices of Mozilla Corporation in April 2003. These two intelligent IT men were behind the formulation of the first stand-alone browser that replaced the bloated application system then known as Mozilla Suite.

The first version of the Firefox was first introduced and released in November 2004. But prior to its release, the Firefox had a long and difficult struggle and tests by its originators, the Mozilla Corporation.

Interestingly, Firefox was a name derived after multiple re-branding. Its original brand was Phoenix. However, trademark issues and legal tussle with another IT firm Phoenix Technology compelled Mozilla Corporation to drop their first choice for the application’s brand name. The application was renamed into Firebird. However, a similar problem cropped up with a free database software project named as Firebird.

In February 2009, Mozilla Corporation finally agreed the change their web browsing system brand to Firefox or simply “fx”. It was November 9 that the first version of Firefox was released — the Firefox 1.0. That same month though, Mozilla immediately issued its very first major update, which was later branded as Firefox Version 1.5.

Under Control

With the main cause of the crash already identified, there is no more reason to be apprehensive as Mozilla Corporation’s Firefox 3.5.5 was said to be conducting a round-up of all their web browsing application systems and fixes everything, including stability issues.

They described Firefox 3.5.5 as the latest version of the web browsing application system. Moreover, it is the only web browsing application system that is capable of checking instability and heals them. Mozilla site hosts the download of their latest Firefox 3.5.5. GP

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