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Just What Is The Collaborative Divorce Process

Going through divorce can be stressful enough because it means the dissolution of a married relationship. However, our Divorce Solicitors appreciate that the entire process can be made considerably worse since most of what happens is governed by the legal system. If you’d like to prevent a lot of the added tension, pressure and costs, you could work towards a collaborative divorce in cases where you and your partner agree.

Collaborative Divorce – What is it?
It is a really difficult thing to have to experience the stressful process of getting a divorce from your partner. It is painful, it’s difficult and it is quite often public. The way to avoid some of these complications is to try using a collaborative divorce instead of a conventional one.

A traditional divorce takes you to court where you will need to settle for the ultimate decision of the judge. A collaborative divorce will usually only involve you, your wife or husband and your solicitors. You will have a number of meetings with all parties present to reach an understanding.

A lot of people confuse working with a mediator with the collaborative divorce process, however they are not the same. A mediator is not able to provide you with any sort of legal advice. On the other hand, in the collaborative divorce process, since both partners have their lawyers present, legal advice can be given.

Handling your divorce in this manner will help considerably to keep costs down and also get to a conclusion a lot faster than when you use the traditional approach to obtain your divorce.

The reason Collaborative Divorce Can be Helpful
Most people don’t usually like to think about a marriage as a legal process, however it is. Which means that the entire process of finishing a marriage will also be a legal matter. You might hear about a handful of divorce cases which are really fast, but it is much more likely to drag out for quite a while.

As everyone knows, when you’re involved in the legal system, just about everything gets much more challenging. As soon as the legal system gets involved, usually there are a lot more details to take care of and court appointments to be arranged. And then, every time your partner makes a new proposition to your arrangement, there might be a waiting period in order to obtain a response from them, extra court dates to review the proposal, and so forth.

Every single step of the divorce process you’ve got to move through because of the rules of the legal system might hold up your divorce. But, that’s not the only thing which can be an issue for you. The more time needed for the process to be finalised, the greater amount of work your Divorce Solicitor will have to do. Meaning it’s possible you have to pay your lawyer a lot more than you anticipated.

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for You?
You’ll want to think quite hard before deciding on a collaborative divorce. It isn’t likely to be appropriate for everyone and so there will be various things you will need to take into consideration.

In order for this process to work, both partners involved have to be in agreement from the beginning that they wish to get to an arrangement that’s acceptable to both parties and put the needs of any kids first. The process isn’t going to be effective in the event that one or both partners aim to “get everything they can get” from the divorce. If you find that is the mindset of your partner, you should pursue the more conventional approach.

You may benefit from the collaborative divorce process if you happen to honestly think an arrangement can be achieved but you would like additional help and legal counsel to make sure your best interests are being appropriately represented.

A collaborative divorce could save both parties a great deal of time and expense. Additionally it is a great way to maintain a decent relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse.

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