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If You’re Filing A Burglary Claim, Have An Expert On Your Side

In their promotions, insurance providers typically portray themselves as caring they’ll do anything they can to help you in your hour of need. The plucky insurance agent might be shown wading through flooded streets in his wellies, or putting an arm around a distraught burglary victim – ‘we’re here to help,’ they tell us.

It’s a nice thought. And it is, naturally, a load of hogwash. The fact is that insurance is a tough and merciless game of calculation. The instant you start to make a claim, far from finding a friend, you basically acquire an opponent. You come face-to-face with a person whose job is giving you as little money as possible.

They go by the name ‘loss adjuster’, although again the name conceals a hard reality. It suggests the adjuster might give you more as well as less. A true title would be ‘claims reducer’, because his or her job is to know every possible loophole in your insurance contract and to inspect every element of your claim in order to bring down its value or possibly even cancel your claim.

A favourite types of claim for the adjusters haggle over are burglary insurance claims. We’ve all heard of fraudulent theft claims, and people who are telling the truth about their loss frequently feel that they are being given the third degree. Loss adjusters often also have another advantage: they may sense that you are somewhat desperate – they don’t need to rush. It’s not their home, their business, their life. In the current economic climate, with margins being relentlessly squeezed across the board, expect a loss adjuster to give no quarter.

If you have been burgled and have to file a claim, and definitely if the figures involved are large, you should consider putting in a call to the counterpart to the loss adjuster – a loss assessor. Loss assessors are insurance experts who work exclusively for the claimant, looking through the contract and scene of loss, dealing with the documentation and filing the claim, and handling the bargaining with the loss adjuster on your behalf. They generally charge a percentage of the pay-out – their fee invariably covered by the increase they manage to secure on your behalf.

Loss assessors understand insurance law and contracts – they know their stuff – but their presence also has a psychological impact. When the adjuster realises he is facing a worthy foe they are likely to want to settle, and may decide to agree to everything and get on to the 99% of claimants who don’t have an expert on their side.

If you’ve got to make an insurance claim and you’re looking for an insurance loss assessor because of damage caused by flooding, fire, storm – or you’ve had a burglary – have a look at TrumanAssociates.co.uk. They’ll make sure that you get treated fairly.

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