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If You’re Facing Charges For DUI A Good Fort Lauderdale Drunk Driving Attorney Is Important

Drunk driving after an evening of bar hopping in Broward County can sometimes result in charges for DUI, and the need for a decent Broward DUI attorney in your case. Being arrested and charged with DUI is a very unpleasant thing to endure, and many people are not prepared for it. If you are convicted of this offense the fallout of that conviction will be felt for a significant amount of time. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, there are several things you should consider as you contemplate whether a DUI attorney can help.

Getting arrested for driving under the influence is more common for the everyday citizen, and most individuals who get arrested for driving while intoxicated have no criminal record or experience with the criminal justice system. You will be asked to verify your blood alcohol content (BAC) by blowing in a tube, which is often called a Breathalyzer.

Some people choose to refuse the request to blow in the device, and this results in an immediate arrest and the presumption of guilt. Normally you’ll be given the option to either use the Breathalyzer or take a blood test to determine your blood alcohol content. Any acknowledgement of a blood alcohol level over 0.08% will result in arrest for driving while intoxicated.

The Broward criminal courts typically move quickly, so you will probably be seeing a judge within 48 hours of your arrest. Since jail is not a good place to be, it would be advisable to use the services of a bail bondsman so you can be out while your court case progresses. It’s not typical for the bond to be high for a DUI offense, although extenuating factors in the arrest can influence the bail amount to be released.

There are many other statutes that deal with alcohol and driving and also a few ins and outs about driving under the influence that you need to know. It is quite common for a reputable criminal defense attorney to be able to successfully refute the evidence against you and have it dismissed when possible.

A record of DUI convictions will make the process much more unpleasant for you, as the severity of the charges is considerably elevated with much more at risk. A person who continually drives impaired is looked at as a hazard to the general public and the sentencing usually reflects that.

An experienced DUI attorney is in many cases so instrumental in minimizing the potential consequences and plea bargaining the best deal possible for your sentence. The attorney you appoint should grant you an honest opinion on the possible outcome of your case after looking at the evidence. Your attorney can make use of interactions with judges and assistant district attorneys to negotiate on your behalf. Whenever having the charges dismissed is not possible, the ability to negotiate a favorable plea deal is where a DUI attorney is so helpful. If you choose to represent yourself or go without an attorney you will be vulnerable to a tough prosecution and will probably receive a stiff sentence.

A lawyer will help navigate you through the intricate legal system, helping you avoid the pitfalls that many defendants meet. Selecting a defense attorney who has a good track record with DUI cases is important when you are fighting a drunk driving charge in Broward County. Without legal representation you can meet serious consequences for driving while intoxicated, and it is definitely advisable that you have a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale represent you.

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