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Heena – Episode 42 – Full Episode

Faizaan is very happy with the way Heena is looking after Sameer! Why has Akram still not taken the loan? Faizaan tells Sarfaraaz about the letter from the finance company! Sarfaraaz goes to Akram! What does Akram tell him? He goes to Ruby’s house! What does he say to her? What is her reply? Sameer asks Heena what the doctor has said! What does Heena tell Sameer? To know all this, watch this episode now! Heena is a story about the trial and tribulations in the life of a woman. Heena is adored by her parents and is loved and respected by all. Except by the person she loves the most – her husband Sameer. Her marriage is doomed from the wedding night itself when Sameer proclaims his undying love for another woman, Ruby. Their unhappy marriage ends in a divorce. Later Heena marries Sameer’s friend Akram in search for happiness. But Ruby strikes again and enters Heena’s life as Akram’s second wife. Heena finally manages to be free of Akram and gathers courage to rebuild her life and establish her own identity. Heena looks forward to her new life as a mother and dreams of a beautiful healthy child. But Heena’s trials are not yet over. Heena gives birth to two kids. However one baby gets kidnapped, Heena is in a critical state. In order to save her further trauma, her father tells her that one of her baby is dead. Heena accepts this as her fate and decides to live for the other baby. However she discovers that her first baby is alive. The hunt for the missing baby begins. Heena

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