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Healthcare Indemnity Protection Society Tenets That Would Also Benefit a Physiotherapist’s Practice

The practice of a physiotherapist is very similar to that of a medical doctor people. For instance, both professions work closely with their patients in administering or managing treatment. There are thus numerous tenets followed by the Medical Indemnity Protection Society which would work as excellent adjuncts to professional indemnity insurance regarding physiotherapists.

One very important tenet is the keeping of medical records. Four-fifths of all medical misadventure-related indemnity claims that are hard to defend stem out from inaccurate, incomplete or even ambiguous records. Attending workshops or seminars aimed at improving a physiotherapist’s patient records will reduce the risks to which a practice is exposed.

Another area of skill in which both medical doctors and also physiotherapists share is contacting and garnering the consent, and cooperation of the patient. Both professions consider the patient an integral part of the team. This makes the expertise of managing a patient’s expectations and involving them in decisions extremely important, as consent helps mitigate the possibility of a lawsuit in the event the outcome is unfavorable.

A patient’s cooperation will also hugely facilitate treatment and improve final results. On the other hand, if the patient does not think that the treatment will be helpful, the possibility that it will not succeed and result in a worsening of the symptoms boosts accordingly. This is especially true in instances where the risks as well as benefits of the treatment are usually not clear to the patient. A quarter of all professional indemnity claims against a physiotherapist stems from such scenarios.

There are claims which stem not from the treatment but from the environment in which the treatment method takes place. Practitioners have been charged because people slipped on ramps that didn’t comply with industry standards. Although all professions are accountable for the safety of people who pay a visit to their offices or clinics, this is an area where physiotherapists are exposed to a lot more risk because of the amount of equipment present.

Professional indemnity insurance regarding physiotherapists is necessary when safeguarding one’s practice against legal responsibility claims. The practitioner also has a role to play in controlling the risks to which his or her profession is exposed to, through the use of good information, by gaining patient consent, and by providing a safe environment for the patient and those who may accompany them.

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