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Financing With A Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances offer businesses a way to finance their existing company without having to put up any collateral. These loan alternatives are common for very businesses that can prove revenue via credit card transactions. It is very difficult for most people who want a working capital loan for a business to get a good response from a bank if they don’t meet the strict requirements including good credit, long business history, and in many cases collateral. There are alternatives like business lines of credit, equipment leasing and grants – but in many cases none of these options are viable for merchants. Aside from borrowing money from friends and family, or giving up ownership for a partial investment, the only good alternative to a traditional loan in many cases is a merchant cash advance.

Merchant cash advances (or business cash advances) offer other benefits as well. Unlike traditional loans, cash advance are fast! Approvals take very little time and funding can usually be transferred within a few days to a week. There are also no long applications or any business planning required. Cash advances can be used for any purpose; payroll, renovations, stock, taxes, or anything.

Payback is also a benefit in the sense that merchant cash advances offer flexible payback options that work with your business’ cash flow. When your business does more sales you pay back more, when sales are down you pay back less. Additional the whole payback system is automated making the cash advance simple.

If your business is in need of fast financing, regardless of your credit, assets or plans, a merchant cash advance can offer your business working capital based on future sales determined by your recent sales history, specifically transactions via credit cards.

Cash advances are simple. Even high risk businesses and businesses with bad credit may still apply for a cash advance. Merchants can obtain financing quickly without guarantees, liens, or collateral normally required for business loans.

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Business Cash Advances is a premier provider of unsecured cash advances for small businesses that are unable to receive business funds through conventional lending institutions to finance the growth of their business. For more details on Merchant Cash Advance please visit our website www.businesscashadvance.com

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