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Fantastic Points – Why You Need To Ask Personal Injury Solicitors Tips Concerning Colossus

Within the insurance industry there’s a particular software programme called “Colossus.” This software programme essentially accumulates all the details related to different accidents and incidents that come before the insurance provider for deliberation. The demographic of those involved, the circumstances of the occurrence, the damages or injuries claimed and the eventual payout are all points which are “dialled in” to the database. The objective of Colossus is to come up with averages. In principle, the software programme can determine what really should be paid to a claimant according to comparable situations, conditions as well as practices.

You may never have come across this specific software programme however it is in the middle of the insurance industry’s efforts to make sure that they don’t pay too much out when somebody claims from them. Understand that the insurance company is in business to make money, above all and while “paying out” is part of their operational process on a daily basis, it is not in their best interests economically to pay too much, in their estimation.

Therefore, if you come to them looking for personal injury damages when you have been injured in an accident involving one of their clients, one of the first things they are going to do is ask Colossus how much they ought to pay you. Needless to say the programme is not able to take into consideration your unique circumstances, nor do they ask it to do this. The information they obtain out of this specific software programme is used to assist them to determine what they are going to propose to you, in other words as little as is feasible.

Personal injury solicitors with experience know interesting facts about Colossus. In addition they realise that it isn’t fair for you to be subjected to this type of response from the insurance provider, according to an average scenario. There is nothing average about the kind of injuries you sustained, the pain and suffering you are going through and the losses you need to deal with. This is why you need to search for personal injury solicitors to help you rather than dealing with the insurance adjuster by yourself.

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