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Family Law Solicitors In Leeds – Recognising How Collaborative Family Law Might Help

Although the annual divorce rate across England appears to be dropping, our Family Solicitors Leeds office appreciates that more than a third of all marital partnerships is going to nevertheless end in divorce proceedings. Regardless of how decent the couple’s intentions, a divorce can still be a demanding and emotional experience. There are a variety of situations which have to be sorted out, in addition to arrangements on the subject of financial resources and the children which have to be made. So as to help facilitate a much more amicable and efficient divorce process, our Family Solicitors Leeds office, and many other solicitors, now provide guidance on the Collaborative Family Law service.

So What Is Collaborative Family Law?
In the conventional divorce process, each spouse would appoint a solicitor to legally represent them and try and make sure they will get a realistic and equitable resolution. The majority of the interaction between the solicitors is going to be conducted by mail or over the phone. The Collaborative process is different simply because the couple and their solicitors actually meet in person.

At these face to face meetings, each spouse would have their solicitor at their side, and the aim is to try and work out some sort of settlement for the divorce, or another type of family problem, without needing to go to court. For some individuals, particularly when the divorce process could be fairly acrimonious, this might sound a little daunting. However, the idea of having your solicitor with you all the time, is that you’ll have the full benefit of legal advice throughout these discussions.

Precisely What Does The Collaborative Method Involve?
Anytime you decide that you want to get divorced, or you are needing to work out another Family Law problem, you’ll look at your options with your solicitor and they might possibly recommend the Collaborative approach as the best way to move forward. Your solicitor will then discuss the process with you and help you to get ready for the first meeting with your spouse and their solicitor. Typically, the couple’s solicitors will then set up the date and agenda for this initial meeting.

During this initial meeting, your solicitors explain that the Collaborative approach calls for a commitment from both spouses to attempt to find an agreement without having to go to court. You can expect to in fact be expected to sign some sort of document to recognise this obligation. Then, each spouse will be permitted to state the objectives they are looking to achieve through the process, and the agenda will be prepared for the following and future meetings in an attempt to accomplish all those objectives and so reach a suitable understanding.

Exactly How Might Collaborative Family Law Benefit Couples?
One of the main advantages of the Collaborative Family Law process comes from the agreement both spouses make to attempt to address their difficulties with out going to court – which should hopefully mean the process will be much quicker. Avoiding a long drawn out court case may also mean that the costs connected with dealing with your divorce case or Family Law problem will be reduced as well.

Solicitors form our Divorce Solicitors Leeds office who are engaged in this sort of procedure receive specific Collaborative Family Law training, and also meet up frequently in order to examine all the challenges and issues Collaborative Family Law is faced with, in order to help make sure they will be fully-equipped to support married couples through this process. The meetings which married couples will take part in may also include a variety of experts (depending on the matter being resolved), to provide further help intended to move both parties to a suitable agreement as speedily and efficiently as is possible.

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