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Family Law Solicitor In Bristol – Valuable Information About Cohabitation

All around Britain more and more couples are opting to live together without marrying each other or entering into a civil union. This cohabitation may very well be leading up to some kind of formal partnership, or perhaps the partners might simply have a preference for the simplicity associated with cohabiting. In any case, what all partners in this particular situation have to understand is that they don’t share the same protection under the law as married people or those in a civil union.

While many people who live together could have come across the term ‘common law marriage’ and think it refers to them, they would be mistaken. Family Law throughout England doesn’t recognise common law marriage, which means that cohabiting partners have substantially fewer rights in comparison with husbands and wives and civil partners, in the event that something were to happen to the relationship, or perhaps one of them were to pass away.

Cohabitation and Property
Because moving in together is largely an emotional decision, a lot of couples do not completely realise the consequences as well as possible pitfalls which might be linked to cohabitation. There’s a few ways in which partners can safeguard their rights when purchasing a house, in case the partnership isn’t going to work out.

Cohabitation & Finances
When it comes to a couple’s financial circumstances, wives and husbands as well as civil partners are given substantial legal protection in the event the marriage should end. Dependant upon the partners concerned together with their specific situation, one partner may well be required to pay some kind of maintenance to the other, in order to allow them to adjust to living by themselves. However this will not be the way it is with partners who are cohabiting.

Cohabitation & Parental Rights
Whenever a wife and husband have a baby, since the mother and father are joined in a legally recognised partnership, they automatically assume the legal rights as well as parental responsibility for the baby. However, with cohabiting partners, unless the father of the baby is there for the registration of the birth, or alternatively all the appropriate documentation is provided in order to identify that he’s the father, he’s going to have no rights or parental obligation for his baby.

Cohabitation Agreement
Many partners choose to speak with our Family Law Solicitors Bristol office and have some sort of cohabitation arrangement drafted, in order to provide some legal protection in the event the relationship should end. This may be completed at any time before as well as while in the relationship, and also just after the partnership has finished, although this is more likely to be regarded as a separation agreement.

The legal guidelines associated with partners who happen to be living with each other outside of a marital relationship or civil partnership are going through a review and it’s most likely these particular laws may be altered in the future.

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