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Do You Need A Miami Criminal Lawyer For Arraignment

Whether you are under arrest or not for any criminal charge, it is usually wise to consider getting a Miami criminal lawyer as soon as possible. The charge can be a minor one such as a vehicular traffic violation or perhaps a serious one such as embezzlement. No matter what the issue at hand, getting guidance from your Miami criminal lawyer could help formulate the appropriate and well-timed defense.

Your Miami Criminal Lawyer Is Present For The Arraignment

The arraignment may be the first time an individual, the main one accused of the crime, comes up before the judge. Being aware of what transpires with this stage beforehand is important. It is within this time that you will get to listen to the charges against you, enter in a reply and get a specific idea about the bail sum. As per Florida laws and regulations, event of the arraignment with regard to person under arrest upon felony charges has to be inside of 72 hours from the moment of the criminal arrest. This implies that you do not get the time or scope to prepare for the presence without having legal aid. However, it will be possible for your Miami criminal lawyer to complete the same without difficulty.

The Miami Criminal Lawyer and Your Plea

Within the arraignment, the prosecutor reads out your charges brought against you, and submits the written declaration at the same time. The prosecutor additionally asks the defendant whether they will need court-appointed law counsel. Next is the moment for ones Miami criminal lawyer to enter in a reply to the charges. Any citizen of Miami has the option of entering into 4 categories of pleas, based on the state legal directives.

Your Miami criminal lawyer will select one of the following types of plea at your arraignment. Not guilty plea – asserts that you did not do the crime pointed out before. Guilty plea – admits the details mentioned happen to be accurate and you perpetrated the crime. No contest plea – asserts that you do not dispute the charge, yet don’t acknowledge guilt. Mute plea – asserts that you do not acknowledge guilt, and for that reason, the court enters a not guilty plea on your behalf.

The Miami Criminal Lawyer and Bail

When your Miami criminal lawyer enters a guilty or perhaps a no-contest plea, there is no question of the trial. In any other case, the schedules for the pre-trial motions or trial are arranged. The judge additionally handles the question connected with bail sum (if appropriate), or personal recognizance discharge at this period. Dealing with bail should always be done by a great lawyer. Even though process is speedy, you need an skilled Miami criminal lawyer who knows the courts as well as the law to help you get a bail hearing over with as quickly as possible

Getting ready for the arraignment plus the trial demands competent legal assistance. A competent Miami criminal lawyer has the knowledge and experience to come up with the right tactic. A good Miami criminal lawyer knows what plea is best suited for your case and the ways to manage the next stages of the legal proceeding at the same time.

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