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Divorce Solicitor Bristol – Exactly How Much Will Divorce Cost?

As well as being extremely emotional, a divorce process also has a financial burden attached to it. The division of assets plus the payment of maintenance and support for your children might need to be considered, and you’ll find that there are usually other expenses associated with getting divorced.

How Much Will A Divorce Process Cost?
Whenever you happen to be getting a divorce in England, there are a few common court costs which all couples will need to pay, and then in most situations there will be the expense of hiring a solicitor.

Divorce court costs – These will comprise of the £340 fee for submitting your petition for divorce, and the £40 you have to pay when you obtain your Decree Absolute. Additional costs may well apply dependant upon your circumstances; for example, applying for a Consent Order if you and your partner have already come to an understanding regarding your financial situation and would prefer a ‘clean-break’ divorce would cost an additional £45.

Solicitor Fees – Just how much a divorce solicitor is going to cost depends upon a couple of things; their rates and also the complexity of the case. Different firms charge different amounts for their time, and exactly how much time they will need to invest in your case will depend on a variety of factors, including whether or not the divorce is contested as well as if there are any kids involved. Solicitors fees for a fairly straightforward divorce case might be a few hundred pounds, whereas a much more complex or drawn out divorce process might cost thousands of pounds.

Legal Aid Divorce
Should you be worried about how you’re going to meet the expense of your divorce process, you might want to give some thought to Legal Aid. Not everybody is going to be entitled but it’s a solution that might be worth considering, to find out if you would meet the requirements.

The cost of dealing with a Family Law problem or a divorce process can be stressful. Our Bristol Divorce Solicitors office are able to advise you about the different financing options and services available so you can focus on addressing the real issues.

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