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Certain Valid Thoughts Concerning Precisely What Occurs If The Truth Hurts

To be in the position to develop a genuinely high performing team in the executive level of any association it virtually goes without saying that there should be a great standard of trust between all involved. Every person in the executive team has actually been chosen for a good reason. Each and every member is good at their work on a theoretical base, or they wouldn’t be there to begin with. Yet, are they really truly “on the right course” in relation to networking with one another and performing with each other as a group? It will be the team behaviour which dictates at precisely what level of performance the unit will perform and thus whether the organisation in general will be extremely productive.

Certainly it is important for the actual CEO to recognise that she / he must not get to a “comfort zone” in terms of interaction with the men and women in the executive team. After all, any time you get to that comfort threshold there’s an instinctive feeling that you have, quite possibly by definition, surpassed a notional finish line, of some kind. It is as if you really don’t necessarily need to completely focus so much on interaction and trust any longer, because everybody “grasps it” and matters should move along quite well from this point forwards.

If the CEO is set on looking for a comfort threshold, this type of journey will soon end up as part of the objective for the members of the executive team too. In short, everyone could go out of his or her way in order to be sure that they do not “make waves” very much if all seems to be running nicely, as though this sort of solution will help make the organisation much more efficient and productive somehow.

With regards to leadership behaviours to be cautious of, you should never ever strive to find a comfort threshold. When you are continuously hunting for a far better solution everybody will be on their toes and may challenge and question if needed. The CEO should be ready and willing to hear anything that isn’t necessarily what they genuinely wish to hear, but this even so means that the team is being much more giving and open in terms of issues and problems. This type of approach might not be right out of the traditional guide for leadership styles, however it is definitely a method to develop two-way trust throughout a company at this particular level. You’ll need to be able to convey trust in these folks so that you can in concert solve problems collectively. Don’t you think it’s better to search for the truth even though it may well hurt?

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