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Causes and Risk Factors of Cleft Palate

Complaints against Topamax have been increasing mainly because of the different Topamax side effects. But these side effects comes in different forms. From these different forms of Topamax side effects, cleft palate is the most popular. But cognitive side effects of Topamax are slowly coming in. However, we can never Topamax birth defects huge impact despite Topamax having other side effects. In fact, a huge number of people especially those who were affected of this cleft palate situation have been asking about its causes and risk factors. We will always have this thinking that staying away from a problem is by knowing its cause.

Let’s try to determine what cleft palate is all about before we start seeking the causes and factors as to why cleft palate develops. Cleft palate is a condition that has an effect on the upper lip and the roof of the mouth. Physically, we can see a gap on an individual’s mouth which happens to be an abnormal facial development.

The cleft palate condition has been discovered by researchers to be of two main causes. First, they said that it can be mainly caused by genes. One’s environment is also part of this two main causes. When researchers say the cleft palate condition is caused by genes, it means that either the mother or father of the child can pass on their gene that causes the clefting. On the other hand, when researchers say it’s the environment that has caused the clefting, it means that while the baby was still in the womb, exposure to things that have been known to caused cleft palate might have happened. Exposure to alcohol, smoke, medicines, and other environmental factors are an example that can contribute to cleft palate development. Moreover, these researchers believe that one’s genes and environment can be both the cause of the cleft palate condition.

Although the environmental and genetic factors are known to greatly contribute to cleft palate development, there are still risk factors that are known to increase the likelihood of cleft palate happening. These risk factors include family history, race, sex, and maternal obesity. However, a lot are still to be proved about these risk factors.

We all know the great deal of suffering that comes with cleft palate. A child will have problems on speech, health, and psychosocial condition. Of course, one can always say that cleft palate can always undergo a surgical procedure. However, a child needs to be at a certain age in order to be operated which means getting out of the problems can still be impossible.
Reports have been surfacing that Topamax’s manufacturers have already known about birth defects that can result from Topamax use. If Topamax manufacturers were responsible enough, Topamax complaints and problems could have been avoided. Compensation for those people who have been affected and who have suffered from Topamax are now being seen by people as something reasonable for the manufacturer to give. But compensation cannot be given to all Topamax users. Their situation must be looked into. Right now, it is best to have your situations assessed if you have concerns about receiving compensation from Topamax’s manufacturers. Consult with a Topamax lawyer. Fees should not be a cause of worry as free consultations are available.

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