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Car Insurance Premiums Too High

All states are different when it comes to policy pricing. Some states use your credit score to determine your risk factor. In such states, taking care of your credit and ensuring that you review and correct errors can result in a policy discount. Some states offer a license point-reduction or a policy discount for completion of a defensive driver’s lessons. Check with a local auto insurance provider to determine if you can take advantage of these options. Of course, points on your permit or an at-fault accident history will not save you money. If you are ticketed for drinking and driving, you will face a major increase in pricing.

In the best car insurance business, premium prices are based on both non-changeable risk factors, such as your age, gender and place, and controllable factors, such as your credit score, driving history and the sort of vehicle you own. While upping your credit score, purchasing a safer car or avoiding accidents will assist, there are easier and faster ways to save money on auto insurance.

Does your auto have a theft deterrent system, air bags, anti-lock brakes, or other safety equipment? If so, make sure your auto insurance agent knows about them and is giving you the appropriate discount.

Do you drive your auto less than 7,500 miles per year? If so, make sure your policy reflects that. Think about car-pooling or using public transit for your commute. Not only could it save you some money on your auto insurance premium, but you’ll be helping the environment too. Rating System for Insurance Companies:

  1. CC : Extremely Weak
  2. AA : Very Strong
  3. AAA : Extremely Strong

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