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Buying Or Selling Your Home? Then Consult A Trusty Local Solicitor

When selling your house you will usually be chiefly assisted two main professionals. First to be engaged by you will probably be the estate agent. He or she will help you set a realistic asking price, and advertise your house to potential buyers. It is likely to be much further down the line, possibly only after you’ve accepted a bid, that you will begin looking for the second professional: the conveyancing solicitor.

It is because most people do it this way round that estate agents often receive a fee from a conveyancing solicitor for every client they refer. However, especially with the new ‘chain’ estate agents, property lawyers, though ‘qualified’ have nowhere near the range and depth of local contacts possessed by a traditional local solicitors practice. These contacts can be instrumental in (for example) unblocking a legal or procedural logjam that may ultimately threaten the sale.

It is prudent therefore to think about finding a quality local conveyancing solicitor to begin with – and perhaps have them recommend the estate agent rather than vice versa. A traditional local solicitor has the advantage of being able to call up umpteen local council officials government agents and businesspeople, and use his influence and reputation to get things done.

Employing a venerable, family solicitors firm is unlikely to cost more, and may well cost less. Conveyancing fees are fairly standard across the industry and in any case the best outfits will give you a fixed quotation, which are increasingly able to be obtained online, prior to any contact, offering peace of mind.

The other asset the old-style solicitor possesses is that they can take care of all other legal needs: wills, business contracts, civil disputes, family and divorce issues etc. We may think buying or selling a house is going to be the only time we need to seek legal expertise, but during the course of our lives, we will usually have other legal consultations. The personal service that is standard for the client of a reputable local solicitors and the distant relationship you will have with a sausage-machine conveyancing outfit are, frankly, chalk and cheese.

Since you’re unlikely to conduct a more important bit of business, you owe it to yourself to put the buying or selling of your house in the hands of someone with an unimpeachable local reputation. Just picking the first legal firm you come across and entrusting them with your home and the finances involved may be attractively convenient, but you owe it to yourself and your family to make a wise decision. Use a reputable firm of solicitors where you are dealing with just one individual who looks after your case. Getting the process wrong can be a complete disaster.

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