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Brilliant Strategies On Justifying A Whiplash Claim

Throughout Germany, the legislation won’t contemplate any whiplash claim when the accident in question occurred at a speed of below 9 mi./h. Obviously today it is possible to make use of sophisticated means of calculating the actual speed of the incident and thus it is possible to make this kind of exact analysis and decide whether or not to proceed with the case. However, don’t you think it’s always dangerous to make wide-ranging and sweeping suppositions? In this case, that it is not possible to receive a whiplash injury when the speed of the car accident is less than 9 mi./h?

What could happen, for instance, if a large vehicle runs into a really little vehicle at a speed of, let’s say, slightly below 9 mi./h? The consequence is likely to be quite different compared to a similar accident in between two automobiles of identical size. Don’t you think it’s possible that the occupant from the smaller automobile could sustain a different collection of injuries in this type of incident?

In the UK there aren’t any such limitations with regards to whiplash injury compensation, but such a thing is under consideration and could very well be put in place following a number of meetings commissioned by the Prime Minister himself. Such a restriction could be partly a reply to a broad outcry by a few groups led by the insurance market, stating that there are too many whiplash claim cases moving forward today and a significant volume of them must, by their classification, be phony.

There is certainly little doubt that a certain number of cases are fraudulent, yet is it in everyone’s interests, which includes the innocent party in the majority, to query this kind of arbitrary restriction, particularly when there is significant grounds for doubt? A lot more analysis has to be carried out prior to it being confirmed that any speed limit threshold ought to be imposed with regards to any whiplash injury claim down the road. Otherwise we may find that a knee-jerk kind of reaction, pun intended, has a lot more serious consequences.

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