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Cocktail Party Conversation Leads To Mortgage Assignment Discussion

I wanted to share a little story with you this week. I went to a cocktail party and something interesting happened that was very relevant to real estate, so I thought I’d share it with everybody on my blog. I actually went to a cocktail party and I’m sitting there having a drink and somebody walks up and we start chit-chatting. And, you know, I told him I was a real estate investor and he was actually a dentist and we start talking about it.

You know, sometimes when you tell somebody you are a real estate investor it’s kind of like when you tell somebody you’re a doctor and they start showing you their elbow and asking you if they can give you a little advice. Anyway, he had some questions about real estate. It turns out he was selling a home and it was about a $1 Million home here in Austin, Texas. He had this home on the market for about, gosh, almost a year and it hadn’t sold.
cocktail 150×150 Sell An Unsellable House With A Mortgage Assignment

Mortgage Assignment At A Cocktail Party

As he’s telling me this story I look at him and I say ‘well you know you can’t sell your house.’ He looks at me like ‘what are you talking about?’ I tell him ‘your house is unsellable.’ He’s like ‘what do you mean my house is unsellable.’ I say ‘your house, who would buy your house?’ And he says ‘well lots of people, it’s a beautiful house, a doctor or a dentist or some business owner, there’s lots and lots of people that would love to buy my house!” And I said ‘well, okay, what kind of loan would be needed to buy your house?’ He says ‘well I don’t know, a big loan.’ It’s like ‘yeah, from a self-employed person, doctor, dentist, somebody like that.’ And he says ‘exactly.’

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