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5 ways to cut your monthly payments

There are many things in life that cannot over-exaggerate. One of those things is that money matters. No matter how much of it you have you always seem to need more. The price of items and the cost of living in general seems to go up constantly. The utilities, insurance premiums, credit cards grocery bills, and entertainment all seem to be on an upward price spiral that cannot be halted. However, this is somewhat inaccurate. The truth is that many of the expenses we have can be cut readily in order to provide a higher quality of life.


For instance, you can easily cut the cost of groceries through buying store brand merchandise in many instances. Sometimes these products are healthier and even taste better than well known name brand items. Don’t buy premium brands and expensive sticker. Look for coupons and sales but don’t become a coupon junkie and waste hours whittling down few cents.

Electric Bills

Your electric bill can be lowered greatly simply by a dedicated focus on keeping your lights off when you aren’t using them. If you are not in the room, the lights do not need to be on. Turning the lights off and using low and energy saving appliances can and does saves money in the long run.

Heating & Cooling Costs

Heating and cooling costs can be lowered by making certain your windows are sealed properly.
Summer time needs lots of air conditioning in parts where temps soared. You can use electric fans to cut down cooling costs. During winters, keep the thermostat lower and put on a light jacket can shave off 10% to 15% in heating costs.

Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap insurance can be had by simply dedicating yourself to having good health or safe driving practices. Car insurance, for instance can be had at a much lower price if you do not drive recklessly. Affordable car insurance can be acquired through safe driving practices, but the best way to make certain that you purchase cheap insurance is to only buy the insurance you actually need. If you have a car that is ten or more years old it may be best to only purchase the minimum amount of coverage necessary. This will provide you with affordable car insurance that does not include unnecessary types of coverage.

Health Insurance

The cheapest health insurance can be acquired by staying in shape and comparison shopping for insurance quotes. However, it is not always best to choose the cheapest health insurance. Choose to work with an insurance company that has excellent customer service and quality coverage. This can be much more cost effective in the long run as a cheap health insurance policy may not always be cheap due to increases in coverage and premiums.

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