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30000 credit mechquest gold hack

This will teach you how to get 30000 with cheatengine 5.3/5.4/5.5 Step1: Log onto mechquest and open cheatengine Step2: Go to the fork and spork place in mechquest Step3: Go back to cheatengine(CE) and open the flashing computer and click windows list and find mechquest rpg something like that Step4: Go back to mechquest and enter the first contest and beat the first mech Step5: Go back to CE and in the hex type ur gold (200) x by 8=1600 enter 1600 in the hex Step6: Then wait till its done loading and you should have many addresses Step7: Go back to mechquest and beat the second mech Step8: Then go back to CE and type in the hex 3200 (Ur gold times 8) then click next scan Step9: You should have one address left, double click it so its at the bottom of CE then click under the value liek i do and type in 1000000000 then check the frozen box Step10: Go back to mechquest eject from the battle and then you have 30K more credits than before! Comment, rate 5 stars and SUBSCRIBE-Hope it helped

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