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November 2013

Finding An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

Becoming an accident victim can be an emotionally and a physically devastating event; especially if the victim acquires grave injuries. If you’ve just been through an accident and acquired injuries due the negligence of other individuals, it would be wise for you to opt for legal action. During these situations, it is crucial that you […]

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Limited Tort Vs. Complete Tort In Injury Situations

Except in states that have no-fault insurance, you can recover damages only from a person who has caused an accident through negligence (carelessness). Negligence means that failure to use the ordinary care that could be expected of a reasonable person. Violation of the traffic laws is evidence of negligence, but a driver may be negligent […]

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Fastest Way To Compare Home Insurance

Your property is not just a place to live. It’s also one of the biggest investments you will make, and that means you will want to secure that investment with the very best coverage you are able to afford. This can include a standard homeowners plan, extra liability protection, and protection for a flood or […]

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Injury Law Information – Loss Prevention And Injury Statistics

In a personal injury case, the examiner has to review the claim information before him to determine if the case is one that may not be compensable, therefore warranting investigation. If doubt exists as to compensability of the claim it should be promptly assigned to an investigator for the development of the record. There is […]

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Medical Malpractice Cases

Of all job-connected injury claims, low back strain due to lifting are the most troublesome, and often the most costly. Supervisors and job foremen must exert every effort to eliminate this type of claim if their loss ratio on personal injury cases is to be low. In order to avoid injuries to the lower back […]

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Parking Lot Accidents And Winter Accidents Cases

Accidents have increased in parking lots operated by supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers, office buildings, as well as in facilities provided by employers for their employees. Accidents may result in personal injuries and property damage related to general liability insurance. Where employees suffer injuries, personal injury lawyers must respond. Poor planning is a prime cause […]

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Worker’s Compensation For Occupational Diseases

Loss of Hearing Claims for occupational loss of hearing attack the very fabric of Workmen’s Compensation insurance by destroying the wage loss concept upon which this form of insurance is based. A schedule award is fixed in anticipation of future wage loss because of a permanent injury suffered by a worker. On the other hand, […]

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Atomic Energy And Radiation Injury Cases

How do work-related accidents go? The accident must be one that arose out of and in the course of employment and these words have to be given a broad and liberal interpretation. The injury must have been received while the employee was performing the job he was hired for; it must be one of the […]

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